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Why Seed to Series A?

When you have raised funding by developing your products and services, leveraging your team and offering a breakthrough value proposition to your customers - you are doing something right. We help you take your company to the next stage of growth by rolling up our sleeves and addressing topics and challenges relevant to companies in your stage of maturity. Our community has a wealth of experience to help you tackle relevant challenges and prepare to scale.

Zero Equity

TiE Boston is a mission-driven, nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship. ScaleUp's world-class mentors are volunteers who have been in your shoes and seek to give back to the community by helping raise up the next generation of entrepreneurs. 

Our generous partners enable us to keep the program running equity-free. Companies enrolled in the program pay a $1995 administrative fee to cover a portion of our operational expenses.



TiE ScaleUp is a sector agnostic accelerator and we bring in  scalable companies from all industries. Companies that are in a position to best leverage the offerings of ScaleUp often exhibit the following characteristics:

  • Founder/CEO looking for and receptive to top-tier mentoring

  • Commitment to actively participate in all programing till ScaleUp completion

  • Early product market fit achieved/demonstrated

  • Revenues $200K+ or on a demonstrable path to such revenues from multiple customers

  • Raised $200K + from early investors or comparable bootstrapping

  • Diversity in full time management team

  • Located in New England area

Exceptions can be made for companies depending on the growth cycle of their sector (e.g., we do not expect medical device companies to have revenues). Not all of these characteristics must necessarily be present for a company to receive an invitation to apply TiE ScaleUp. If you have any questions regarding your venture's eligibility, contact Dean Walsh at

  • What is the time commitment for founders in the ScaleUp program?
    Generally, entrepreneurs should be prepared to commit 2.5 hours per week to the program; typically, this will be one hour of mentorship and a single ninety-minute workshop session. Entrepreneurs should expect to devote more time to ScaleUp in the first few weeks of the program due to on-boarding, mentor matching, pitch reviews, and our extended Sales Bootcamp sessions. Please note that our occasional in-person workshops are usually deeper dives, lasting a few hours.
  • Is ScaleUp virtual, hybrid, or in-person?
    For Cohort 10, ScaleUp will again run as a hybrid program. The majority of our weekly workshops will take place via Zoom, with mentor meetings left to the discretion of mentor/mentee teams. Some workshops will take place in person, and all founders in the program should be prepared to commit to approximately seven in-person sessions over the course of the six month program. Additional social/networking events, and other opportunities will also take place IRL in the Boston area.
  • Who from my company will participate in the program?
    Founders in the program are more than welcome to invite their extended teams to join our workshop sessions; historically, this has helped teams align on topics shared in our workshops, and functioned as a great professional development opportunity for all teams. The mentorship component of the program is intended for CEOs. In some rare cases, co-founders or other C-level teammates may serve as the primary representative of the startup in the program and receive direct mentorship. If you apply to join ScaleUp with a non-CEO lead, you must make a case for an exception to be made in the application and interview process.
  • What information is requested in the application?
    Applications for Cohort 11 will open on August 1, 2024. If you'd like to get a head start on your application, please note that we generally ask for the following information: Contact Information Company Business Model Market Opportunity Current Business Model Revenue Stream Fundraising Plans Barriers to Scale Pitch Deck ​ Our application can vary from year to year and the above is subject to changes and additions. We treat your information with the utmost respect and care. This information will only be made available to the individuals who review your application with the expectation to maintain confidentiality.
  • What is the review process for applications?
    Our primary goal in the admissions process is to curate a cohesive cohort of leading "Seed to Series A" startups from across New England. We hold two rounds of review led by experienced mentors and entrepreneurs from the TiE Boston network. The first round of review is designed to assess each applicant's readiness to benefit from the program and add value to the cohort. Companies that advance to the second round of review will be invited to interview. Founders will have an opportunity to go through their pitch deck and to share more details on the challenges facing their company. This helps us to better understand what you are working on and to also have clarity on how we can best support your company should we bring you into ScaleUp. We ensure that each application is reviewed by at least three entrepreneurs from our community; we consult with subject matter experts on companies' preparedness on an as-needed basis. All application materials are treated with care and information is not shared outside of the review process.
  • What are some additional benefits to the program?
    In addition to our mentorship, curriculum, and networking offerings, we provide all teams with a generous perks package and direct access to our partners. Teams will receive $10,000 in AWS credits, significant HubSpot discounts, and more. Additionally, teams can take part in "office hours" with experts from Arent Fox Schiff (our legal partner).
  • What do you look for in teams beyond the eligibility criteria above?
    Through the diversity of knowledge and experience in the mentor pool, we can support the growth of any compelling company from any sector. We look for companies at an appropriate stage of growth to maximize the offerings of the TiE ScaleUp program and to be strong representatives of the TiE Boston community. We’re committed to being a safe and inclusive space for all those in the program, regardless of gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, age, race, nationality, ethnicity, disability, medical conditions, religion (or lack thereof), physical appearance, politics, or ideology. Our Code of Conduct is here to provide a clear set of guidelines to everyone in the TiE Boston community about the standards to which we hold you—and ourselves.


Cohorts go through a program which kicks off with in January and concludes with a showcase in June. Our curriculum is taught by professors of leading business schools, serial entrepreneurs and thought leaders. The TiE ScaleUp Faculty curate each weekly session to help you dig deep into the operations of your startup and to walk out with an immediately applicable framework or plan to scale. 

Admissions decisions will be made by mid-october; companies will pay their $1995 admin fee to confirm their spot in the program. This fee is used to cover a portion of our operational expenses.  Upon admission, you will have immediate access to the TiE Boston Charter Member Community and receive invites to network and build close relationships with the serial entrepreneurs and investors in our community.

Confirm Your Spot

Get prepared to network with a large group of entrepreneurs who have successfully scaled and exited their companies! After connecting with potential mentors at the mixer, you will have a chance to share which mentors you would like to work with. Once you have been matched, you will work with those two mentors for the duration of the program. If you want to continue the relationship with your mentors post-program, companies tend to offer 0.3 - 0.8% of their equity (in the form of advisory shares). This is only to be given at the discretion of the company upon the conclusion of the program, combined with a minimum mentor satisfaction rating and a vesting schedule. 

 Mentor Mixer

Throughout the program, entrepreneurs and their teams will meet for weekly workshops addressing key topics related to scale. These sessions help g teams do a deep dive into each component of their business model. Sessions are taught by the TiE ScaleUp Faculty in addition with alumni who have graduated the program. 

Investor Showcase

At the conclusion of the program, cohort display their tech and pitch to a room of investors, thought leaders and the press. For a recap of this event in past years, check out these articles from Venture Fizz and Bostinno

On day one we are already working with you to hone in on your challenges and preparing you for success. We close the day with an invite-only reception of individuals who can help you in your growth trajectory.

Orientation & Reception

Test your pitch with angel investors and venture capitalists to receive feedback on what aspects of your model you should work on in the program, and suggestions on how to best prepare for your next raise.

Pitch Reviews

Throughout the program, we gather for CEO Roundtables. These facilitated conversations are an essential part of the peer-to-peer learning model of the program, in addition to providing founders with a social support network of other entrepreneurs working through the same challenging stage.

CEO Roundtables

Once you complete the program, you are still connected to ScaleUp Alumni get plugged into our alumni resources and stay connected with each other! 

Graduation and Alumni Events

TiE ScaleUp Cohort 11 Applications

Applications for Cohort 11 will open in Summer, 2024. To express your interest and ask any questions, please contact Dean Walsh (
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