TiE Boston has supported entrepreneurs through funding, networking, mentoring and education for over 20 years. TiE ScaleUp is a TiE Boston accelerator which connects and concentrates that support and guidance to startups who are looking to overcome barriers to growth. When you enter TiE ScaleUp, you become part of a community of serial entrepreneurs, investors and people who can help you get to the next stage of growth. 



TiE Boston is by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. We have been in operation for 20 years, and have an unparalleled network of successful entrepreneurs who are deeply engaged and committed to giving back to the community by providing mentorship, tactical advice, and expertise to rising entrepreneurs. Founded by entrepreneurs who immigrated from the Indus region, we are uniquely positioned to champion inclusion in the innovation ecosystem, and welcome innovators and enthusiasts from all backgrounds.

The TiE ScaleUp Taskforce is comprised of such individuals who curate the content, outcomes, and goals of our program. 

Satish Tadikonda
Avigo Solutions
Zach Braiker.jpeg
Zach Braiker
refine + focus
pramod .jpeg
Pramod Kalyansundaram
Satish Bhat
Aera Technology
Lori Paglia
ScaleUp Program Administrator
Headshot With Crop.jpeg
Dean Walsh
ScaleUp Program Manager


Advertising & Marketing


Clean Energy

Consumer Goods



Enterprise Solutions

Fin Tech

Health Care

Health & Wellness

Hospitality & Travel

Insurance Tech


Medical Devices

Real Estate



Supply Chain





We have over 150+ mentors in the TiE Boston network to help you scale your startup. Each company that enters the cohort is paired with two mentors who work with the founding team to tackle specific challenges unique to the company. 

Nikhil Bhojwani, Mentor at TiE Boston ScaleUp Accelerator
Nikhil Bhojwani
Recon Strategy, BCG, Accord PR
Joe Gentile, Mentor at TiE Boston ScaleUp Accelerator
Joe Gentile
Cellaria Biosciences, Quantum Diamond Technologies
Shiva Kashkalar, Mentor at TiE Boston ScaleUp Accelerator
Shiva Kashkalar
PTC, Green Pinata Toys, Digital Guardian
Kuber Bhalla, Apple Health, Mentor at TiE Boston ScaleUp Accelerator
Kuber Bhalla
Apple Health, Aetna
Monica Chandra, Mentor at TiE Boston ScaleUp Accelerator
Monica Chandra
3EDGE Asset Management, TurnRight Solutions, Fidelity
Steve Rubin, Mentor at TiE Boston ScaleUp Accelerator
Steve Rubin
Shared Knowledge Advisors, Launch413
Bill Asher, Mentor at TiE Boston ScaleUp Accelerator
Bill Asher
Social Venture Partners, MassVentures
Rohit Goyal, Mentor at TiE Boston ScaleUp Accelerator
Rohit Goyal
TrueMotion, Demandware, MoneyAisle
Chips Chipalkatti, Mentor at TiE Boston ScaleUp Accelerator
Chips Chipalkatti
Turian Labs, iXL Center, Ilumi Solutions, Inc.
Kaitki Agarwal, Mentor at TiE Boston ScaleUp Accelerator
Kaitki Agarwal
A5G Networks, Inc., Parallel Wireless, Starent Networks
Vijay Bhatt, Mentor at TiE Boston ScaleUp Accelerator
Vijay Bhatt
Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare, Harbor Care
Zenobia Moochhala, Mentor at TiE Boston ScaleUp Accelerator
Zenobia Moochhala 
Sittercity, Embark, Care.com
Deepak Taneja, Mentor at TiE Boston ScaleUp Accelerator
Deepak Taneja
RSA, Aveksa, Netegrity
Mitch Tyson, Mentor at TiE Boston ScaleUp Accelerator
Mitch Tyson
Tyson Associates, NECEC, ABL
Ramji Raghavan, Mentor at TiE Boston ScaleUp Accelerator
Sangeeta Moorjani, Mentor at TiE Boston ScaleUp Accelerator
Ramji Raghavan
Pragya Systems, Movik, Coriolis Networks
Sangeeta Moorjani
Fidelity Investments, BayBank Systems, Citibank


Articulating & Pitching Growth

Assembling & Leveraging your Board

Balancing Growth Challenges

Brand Messaging & Design

Building & Leveraging a Network

Building & Scaling a Team 

Customer Development & Increased Traction

Customer Discovery

Customer Experience Design

Customer Focused Feature Development

Financial Strategy

Fundraising Strategy

Intellectual Property

Leadership & Team

Market Dynamics

Product Development 

Product Usability

Sales & Marketing


The TiE ScaleUp Faculty is select group of professors from leading business schools, serial entrepreneurs and thought leaders. They curate each session to be meaningful, relevant, eye-opening and actionable for companies in the "Seed to Series A" stage. Faculty for the upcoming cohort are announced at the start of the program.

Das Narayandas
Harvard Business School
Sushil Bhatia.PNG
Sushil Bhatia
Suffolk University
Bouzha Cookman
Caitlin & Cookman
Michael Skok
Underscore VC
Ranjay Gulati
Harvard Business School
Karim Lakhani
Harvard Business School
Radhika Dutt
Radical Product
Vinit Nijhawan
Boston University
Kent Summers
Sales Bootcamp for Start-ups


In a series called "ScaleUp: Confidential," we invite titan entrepreneurs to come and speak to our companies in an off-the-record conversation about growing a company from the ground up. We are honored to have the following speakers involved in the program. 

Desh Deshpande
Steve Papa
Mike Troiano


For the second year in a row, the City of Boston has been ranked the top ‘startup community’ in the U.S. according to the “Innovation That Matters” Report, released by the national organizations 1776 and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation.

We are excited to make our contribution to the startup community by helping founders overcome barriers to growth and clearing the path to scale. We are here to help you in your journey.